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Vacation During the Economic Recession ----Save Money and Have Fun!

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  • Vacation During the Economic Recession ----Save Money and Have Fun!

    The winters are arriving but little to cheer for the vacationers in this gloomy economic recession, but still the life deserves more fun! The vacation rental owners and agents have been offering some unprecedented bargains to weather the economic storm. Even during this tough time, one may benefit from the recession for best services, finding hotels and vacation rentals at a reduced and discounted rate from sites like Vacation Rental Discounts Portal for Vacation Rental Discounts offered directly by the Vacation Rental Owners[/url]). Some travelers will be able to experience more luxurious travel arrangements than they have been able to afford in the past. Add in the fact that most cruises are all-inclusive — meaning that meals are part of the price — and your vacation may cost less than your monthly rent. As a matter of fact, the entire travel industry is on sale now. Everywhere you look there's a hotel offering a free night, a car rental company with an upgrade offer, or a restaurant with a two-for-one special.

    Plan ahead and book as early as possible, scheduling travel in advance helps one secure the lowest airfare and hotel rates which are already offering huge bargains. Though there's always a chance for last-minute deals, but waiting could increase the chances that one will pay higher prices. This frequently happens during peak times, like the summer or winter holidays, when there are fewer options for flights and hotel rooms. Although some people may be looking to scale back travel plans or follows a vacation budget more closely than in the past, for others there are opportunities to get more for their money this year. Roughly the price of a two-star hotel stay last year, travelers can now book at a four-star hotel. In fact, the average daily rate of a four-star hotel is $143 per night, 22 percent lower than the last year.

    Bottom line: The recession will be good for travelers. "We have almost nothing to lose and everything to gain," said Daniel Levine, the executive director of guidebook publisher Avant-Guide Institute.
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    Will keep this in mind when I am going to travel, thanks a lot for the tips!
    The economy have been really bad for my travelling interests, this will help a lot since I love travelling.
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      I can see why admin removed the link from the above post, but now I can't see what site they were referring to at all, would it not be possible to just leave the URL there in a non-clickable form?

      As a South African I am looking for a travel site for accommodation, but for locals. everything out there is designed for 2010 and for the foreign visitor in mind. In fact I think I will start a forum topic with a list of findings, maybe two, one for internationally focused sites and another for local?


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        As a general rule, links to South African businesses are left in tact, but spam links (usually auto-posted) are removed. Also I believe signature spam is against the rules of the forum.

        Have you tried or


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          You can send any user either an email or a private message if you want to find out more about their post. Also, there is a business directory on, listing a range of tourism related establishments and services. You can contact the establishments by means of the email option on each listing. South Africa - Business Directory | By South Africa Channel Most of these listings have been on our site for some time and are likely to be around long after 2010 is history - so it would be great if they could have some local support.


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            @Admin I get you that there is a directory on this site, but directories are pretty thin on information and devoid of people's personal experiences. In addition there is no parent category for accommodation or travel and tourism websites, only tour operators and then individual accommodation providers.

            Anyway still researching and will make my research live for comment soon.