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What would a 12 year old want to do in Tokyo?

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  • What would a 12 year old want to do in Tokyo?

    Hello. I'm living in Japan and some of my South African friends are bringing their kids to Tokyo this summer. The kids (one boy, one girl) are about 12 years old and I don't know what kind of "Japanese" things they would be interested in. Any ideas?

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    Most probably bring them to Disneyland! I am pretty sure they will love it there, then off to see the cherry blossoms (if cherry blossoms are on the bloom during the month) then off to see any interesting places... and for sure they wanted to see snow and lots of it!

    Good luck!


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      12 year old in Tokyo

      Take them to the arcade or something, kids love games!
      main thing really i think is to show them something that they don't see in South Africa perhaps.

      Show them Japanese restaurants and what type of food you eat there.
      as i said arcades, Anime stuff. site seeing!
      I am almost positive that will keep them entertained.