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    I invite you to visit our site to make a free tour to the Holy Land - Israel. You will find 300+ sites and 7000+ photos of Biblical sites, travel info, Biblical references, maps and more - and see how the Bible is real and is out there in numerous sites.

    Visit us!

    God Bless

    Web Page: - Holy Land sites review, tours & photos

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    Originally posted by Foambather
    I've done a tour like this, and it really is fantastic!

    What is NOT true about your advertising claims is that it shows "the bible is real". In fact, it shows that one can finally let go of wondering whether ANY of the Abrahamic religions are true or not. The answer simply is no. It's made up recently, and is ludicrous superstition without any grounds.

    Those places that are claimed to be the places where bible events happened, are VERY RECENT GUESTIMATES. Just tell your travelers that so you don't lie to them.

    Still, visiting Israel is a very enjoyable vacation.
    I'm constantly amazed at how many people believe the "Bible is real".

    When I see people streaming into the local churches on a Sunday, I can't help wondering how many of them have given much thought to what exactly they are worshiping.

    Interesting website -- Why Won't God Heal Amputees?
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