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    The fifth slide! The longest… 180 meters… almost 50 meters above the ground… with dangerous trees and rocks beneath me…How can I forget that! I was about to complete my slide with a big brave smile on my face when I started to slide backwards! Oh My God! I reached almost the middle of the canopy rope and hanged there like a clip on the cloth dryer stand! People on both sides started screaming to give me advices! Thank God the safety harness has three solid hooks apart from the pulley to keep me from falling. After a few nervous seconds I turned around, caught hold of the rope by both hands and started to pull myself back towards the sixth platform. It was quite exhausting and I kept on asking if I am near the platform. Finally when I was about 10 meters away from the platform, the guide came and pulled me towards the safety of the platform. Please keep reading my blog on Tarzan and Jane- Swinging between the mountains | thelittlepurplehat

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    Canopy tours

    Canopy tours is a mixture of ecology and adventure. Canopy tour is an unforgettable adventure. The scenery of canopy is spectacular. During canopy tours participants enjoy the stunning views of mountains and the hardwood forest. Participants can learn the history of the valley and different species of plants. Security is provided to every participant by the guides.