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Hikers Paradise- Drakensberg, South Africa

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  • Hikers Paradise- Drakensberg, South Africa

    We started the hike and already the morning clouds were below us. Behold! We see such a beautiful…amazing thing made by nature! It was only for a second that we noticed our shadows on the clouds surrounded by a beautiful circular rainbow! It was our sheer luck that we had our camera on and we were able to capture this amazing moment. But what an amazing sight! Only morning sun rays and moisture could have made this happen. For full review please visit my blog Amazing Hiking trip to Drakensburg | thelittlepurplehat

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    Hiker's paradise

    I am a tourist and I really love with nature. People who are close to nature becomes sensitive and seldom poets. I I am really inspired by the poet of nature Words Worth. I like his poem "POPPIES IN OCTOBER."Anyhow such lovely natural sights , you are lucky that you got such a sight but such occasions happen very luckily and you got a camera too with you.