Climate of the North West Province

If you’re looking for plenty of sunshine during your visit to South Africa, the North Western Province is probably your best bet. Situated on the southern corner of the Kalahari Desert, the North West Province’s climate enjoys plenty of sunshine. In fact, the days here can get so hot that you should expect to wear sunscreen and a hat on a daily basis during the summer months. However the North Western Province is not just a hot, sandy desert. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. The summer season sees plenty of afternoon rain showers while the winter months enjoy fairly chilly nights.

The capital city of the North Western Province is Mafikeng. Situated in what is roughly the middle of the province, it enjoys a good balance between the hotter western side of the province and the cooler southern side. You will find that summer here falls between August and March and though the temperatures at this time of year may range between 22º C and 34º C, the heat of the day is broken with regular afternoon thundershowers. The rain keeps the region green and healthy and often proves to be a welcome respite from the heat of the day for both man and beast. The onset of winter arrives at around May and continues until about July and the average winter temperature is about 16º C – which, when combined with sunny blue skies can be very comfortable. However, the winter temperature can plummet below 2º C or it can climb as high as 20º C. What’s more, this extreme variance in temperature can occur all in the same day. Winter days are usually quite dry so skin cream and lip balm are recommended. At night, the temperature usually plummets drastically, so pack some warm clothes if you want to stay comfortable.

Though the mercury might rise in the summer months in the North West Province, you should not let this deter you. If you come adequately prepared to beat the heat and keep out the cold, you will find that the North West Province is a most enjoyable destination. Not only does it offer some truly fantastic bushveld experiences, but it offers a wide variety of water-based activities to help you keep your temperature down. So come and enjoy this beautiful province and make the most of Mother Nature.

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