Climate of the Eastern Cape

The Eastern Cape is situated between KwaZulu Natal and the Western Cape and its climate is a bit of a mixture of the two. Its coastal cities enjoy both a subtropical and Mediterranean climate while inland things get a bit hotter. The area itself is quite large and it stretches from the coast to more mountainous escarpment regions inland, resulting in a climate that varies quite a bit.

The main thing that influences the various towns and cities in the Eastern Cape is the topographical features which can be found here. If you travel inland you will find that the area is separated by a great escarpment which easily divides the region into a northern and southern area. The northern areas generally have a high altitude and little water, which result in semi-arid conditions that characterize regions such as the Karoo. To the south, the climate is quite different since a number of rivers trickle down from the mountains and provide an ample supply of water. These well-watered areas feature wetland fauna and flora and many consider them to be more inviting than the northern areas. The northern areas generally have hotter days and colder nights while the southern areas experience a higher rainfall.

Generally speaking, the climate at the coast experiences more wind and higher levels of humidity. The humidity increases the closer you get to KwaZulu Natal and decreases closer to the Western Cape. Conditions inland are usually drier and hotter and there is a lower rainfall level than at the coast. Fortunately, the Eastern Cape enjoys a high level of annual sunshine so visitors can make the most of it and soak up the sunshine whilst visiting the coast. In summer, temperatures range from 16º to 26º C while winter temperatures range from 7º to 20º C. Winter months fall between April and August while summer temperatures are usually highest between November and April. The Eastern Cape is an excellent place for visitors to visit because the temperatures are seldom extreme – depending of course on which part of the region you visit. So come to the Eastern Cape and soak up the sunshine in this beautiful part of the country.

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