Cradock – Picturesque and Quaint

The Eastern Cape is a treasure chest of fascinating towns and historical attractions. One of its quaint and interesting towns is located on the banks of the Great Fish River and was established in 1813, namely Cradock. Due to it having fertile ground and a constant water supply, the town was founded by farmers and the agricultural industry of cattle, wool and mohair still exists today. Over and above its picturesque surrounding landscape, Cradock has a number of attractions that visitors are invited to explore.

Tourists are able to discover the history of the town and the settlers who contributed to Cradock at attractions such as the Great Fish River Museum, the Olive Schreiner Grave, Olive Schreiner House, the Van Riebeeck Karoo Garden, Ilex Oak Trees and the Old Water Mill. Adventurous visitors can take part in the Great Fish River Canoe Marathon or take a day trip to the rock formation named Egg Rock. The nearby Mountain Zebra National Park is a wonderful park for nature enthusiast to travel through, as it is not only a sanctuary for the zebra but also houses the Doornhoek House Museum. With historical buildings, interesting attractions, great activities and friendly locals, Cradock is a town that offers visitors an Eastern Cape destination to come home to.

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