Despatch – An Atmosphere All of Its Own

A lonely brick chimney stands silently as a reminder of a lucrative era in the history of Despatch. Once part of a successful brickworks industry and built in 1882, the chimney now merely remains as a monument to what was a booming industry. But while one industry’s closure brought the end to an era, Despatch grew into a quaint little town on the outskirts of Port Elizabeth.

The town of Despatch is located between the bustling city of Port Elizabeth and the industrial centre of Uitenhage. Even though it is considered to be a new town, as it was established in 1942, Despatch has a true small town atmosphere and many residents have relocated to the town to enjoy its peacefulness after a hard day’s work in one of the nearby cities. It has many fascinating sights and attractions such as the Despatch Museum, but due to it being situated so close to Port Elizabeth, it shares most of its attractions with the larger city.

It is also known to be the town of roses, with these wonderful fragrant flowers found around most of the municipal buildings and structures. This affectionate nickname is celebrated at the end of each year at the Despatch Carnival, where the Rose Show attracts hundreds of visitors who come to enjoy the beauty, color and smell of the roses. Despatch might be a small town, but its friendly locals and interesting sights make it a town worth visiting.

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