Fort Beaufort – Wildlife and Game Reserves

The first community that inhabited the land on which Fort Beaufort is located, was the small missionary settlement of Reverend Joseph Williams, established in 1816. Officially, the town was only established in 1937, a few years the military began constructing guards’ quarters and a military hospital. Today the town has developed into a picturesque holiday destination for locals and tourists, offering magnificent wildlife adventures and exciting excursions of exploration.

Visitors to Fort Beaufort will find the town to be filled with beautiful historical buildings and monuments to the past, such as the Martello Tower that was constructed in 1839. Fort Beaufort is however better known for is spectacular natural wonders such as the waterfalls, ravines and forests of the Kat River Valley, the majestic Amatola Mountain and nearby game reserves such as the Amakhala Game Reserve, Bushman Sands Game Reserve and Shamwari Game Reserve. For a vacation filled with nature and wonder, head to Fort Beaufort in the Eastern Cape.

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