Kenton-on-Sea – Popular Coastal Holiday Town

The beautiful coastal village of Kenton-on-Sea could not enjoy a more picturesque setting. Situated between the Kariega and Bushman’s tidal rivers, this lovely village features sunny, unspoilt beaches and lush coastal vegetation. In fact, the village borders a nature reserve where small buck and other wild animals are often sighted. It is also very popular amongst fishermen who find that virtually every form of the sport can be enjoyed in Kenton-on-Sea.

There are plenty of absorbing activities to enjoy in and around the town. Walking trails and horse trails will take you through the wonderfully cool indigenous bush, right onto the soft sand of the beaches, while hiking trails will afford you the opportunity to explore even more of the surrounding areas. Canoe trails, mountain bike trails and 4×4 routes are also available. Outdoor enthusiasts will find that the beaches are a great place to start their adventure, with sand boarding, snorkeling, water skiing and boating available to the public. You can also hire canoes and boats for a small fee at the marina. In the area are a number of amazing game reserves offering unforgettable wildlife adventures.

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