Fort Murray Ruins – Reminder of a Tumultuous Past

Like most regions in South Africa, the history of King Williams Town is shrouded in clashes and wars over land. In 1846, the Seventh Frontier War, also referred to as the Seventh Xhosa War or War of the Axe, erupted near the Amathole Mountains. Except for museum artifacts and documents, not much else in King Williams Town today suggests that fierce battles were ever waged here. However, on the outskirts of the town, on the Buffalo River, one reminder can still be viewed: Fort Murray.

After the war, the British constructed a fort on the river banks, in the year 1848. Unfortunately, the fort suffered damage through the years, with only the ruins remaining on the site as a memorial to those who fought in the wars. Fort Murray has been declared a national heritage site and is one of King Williams Town’s most noteworthy attractions, as it is a part of its political and military heritage.

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