Kalkoenkrans Rock Art – The Bushman’s Heritage

You don’t have to be an archaeologist in order to appreciate the beauty and value of ancient rock art. As spindly stick figures dance across the surface of the rock, it is easy to imagine what sort of heroic battles or epic journeys they depict. Masterful hunts where the kills provided food for months on end. Massive migrations from one geographical zone to the next in the search of food and water. Delightful dances wherein the dancer enters a trance-like state. These are just some of the things you can expect to see in South African rock art. The Kalkoenkrans Rock Art site is no exception to the rule.

This stunning rock art site was the first of its kind to be declared a National Monument in South Africa. The Kalkoenkrans Rock Art site was awarded this great honor because of the amazing variety and the high standard of the work that can be found here. Especially worth noting is the amazing detail given to the drawings of eland. The colors and blending with various pigmentations are absolutely amazing. These colorful depictions of the various aspects of the life of the ancient San people have helped archaeologists to come to a greater understanding of how they once lived their lives. It is a much valued treasure which have become quite famous and have drawn attention to this small corner of the Eastern Cape. If you wish to see the bushman (now san) paintings at Kalkoenkrans, you need to keep in mind that bookings by prior arrangement are essential. This is the case, not only because these graphic portrayals are a national treasure, but because of their delicate nature. On arrangement you will be given a tour of the various paintings, along with an informed description of what they depict and advice on how best to take pictures without destroying the art.

So visit the Kalkoenkrans Rock Art site soonand enjoy this beautiful little slice of South Africa’s heritage. If you want to make the most of your visit, you may want to go mountain biking in the Kalkoenkrans Mountains. You can hire bicycles and make your way along the various cycling paths and even sleep over at the available huts for a minimal fee. So visit Kalkoenkrans the next time you’re in the North West area of the Eastern Cape Province and make the most of your stay.

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