Bayworld – A Fun-filled Day in Port Elizabeth

The Port Elizabeth Oceanarium is called Bayworld. It consists of three different components, the oceanarium, the museum and the snake park. Affiliated with Bayworld, is no 7 Castle Hill. This Victorian House Museum is not on the Port Elizabeth Oceanarium premises, but is located in the city center. It is one of the oldest houses in Port Elizabeth and dates back to 1827. Bayworld is situated on the Port Elizabeth beachfront, and is extremely popular amongst local and international visitors.

The Oceanarium was constructed over a 10 year period, starting with
impressive 900 000 liter main fish tank, which was built in 1959. The
was only
re-established as a fish tank in 1968, after housing dolphins for a few
years, while the dolphin lake was being completed. The tank now houses
large number of fish, sharks and turtles.

Bayworld has a landscaped seal pool enclosure, with a waterfall
swimming hole, home to Cape Fur seals and Sub Antarctic seals,
including a
few breeding pairs.

Port Elizabeth Museum is a three storey building, located next to
Bayworld Oceanarium. It is a combination of natural and cultural
with the library, workshop and administration offices on the lower
The Bayworld Museum has a variety of exhibits, such as Xhosa beadwork,
Dinosaurs, Maritime history, marine, birds, costumes and a curiosity
Hanging from the ceiling, is the skeleton of the last locally
Southern Right Whale, with a staggering length of 15 meters. Exhibits
are not to be missed include the 1640 bronze cannon recovered from a
near Port Elizabeth and the life-size reconstruction of a pre-historic

The Bayworld snake park was closed in 2005, in anticipation for a
redevelopment project. A section of the park has been closed for this
reason. The re-opened section of the snake park is home to snakes,
crocodiles, geckos, tortoises, terrapins and lizards, and is still
worth the
visit, due to the vast selection of snakes.

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