Seaview Game & Lion Park

Since 1975 the Seaview Game & Lion Park has been offering a close-up game viewing experience to members of the public. Located around 25 kilometers west of the city center of Port Elizabeth in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa, this wildlife haven is home to giraffe, zebra, jackals, monkeys and various antelope which are permitted to roam free, while a series of camps and enclosures house rock monitors, crocodiles, meerkats and caracal.

As the name suggests, lions are the main attraction at the Seaview Game & Lion Park, and with a population of 55 lions, visitors can be sure that they will have plenty of opportunities to observe these majestic creatures. Of the 55 lions living at the park, 30 are adult with the balance being sub-adults and cubs. Since 2003, thirteen white lions have been bred at the Seaview Game & Lion Park in an effort conserve this rare species by creating a larger gene pool. Cubs are hand-reared and for an additional fee visitors can spend time handling these playful bundles of fur.

The Seaview Game & Lion Park is also a rehabilitation sanctuary caring for injured and sick animals with a view to returning them into their natural habitat wherever possible. Other features of the park include self-drive trails; a restaurant overlooking the hilly terrain of the park to the north and the ocean to the south; an elevated boardwalk to view the sanctuary animals and birds; and braai and picnic spots.

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