St. Francis Waterworld – A South African Paradise

The St Francis area is made up of a number of small hamlets situated along the coast not far from Jeffery’s Bay. The main hamlet, St Francis Bay, is well established and features a number of water-orientated experiences. In this way it can be likened to a sort of natural water-world, where you can enjoy calm canals, open rivers or the rough waters of the sea all in the space of one small area. The St Francis Waterworld features roughly 8 kilometers of river and canal which can be used for boating. When you add to this 4 kilometers of pristine sandy beaches and unlimited access to the sea, you will find that St Francis Bay is a watery paradise. It offers opportunities for angling, fishing, scuba diving, swimming, sailing, jet skiing and a variety of other activities. There is also a walking trail along the beach which will afford you the opportunity to view a number of ship wrecks.

St Francis is a rich-man’s retreat with well-established canal-side homes all built in a Spanish or Tuscan style. Those living along the canal have complete access to the waterways and often the most difficult traffic to negotiate is the large number of small boats and other watercraft which clutter the canals during holiday season. This is especially the case near the hamlet’s favorite restaurant which is situated near the sea and can be accessed via a small dock on the canal. For those just spending the day at the marina, you can hire a small speedboat and explore the waterways yourself. Be careful for scuba divers, however, since they often spend time navigating the canals and are often so submersed that they are difficult to spot.

If you ever tire of the amazing water attractions available at St Francis Bay, Cape St Francis and Port St Frances – which is highly unlikely – there are number of other activities to enjoy such as walking, cycling and playing golf, or take a trip to neraby Jeffrey’s Bay for some world-class surfing.

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