Transkei – Unique Travel Experience

The untamed Transkei is located in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa and lies just outside of East London. It is an almost forgotten part of the country that seems to function at its own pace and without modern day influences. Many tourists and locals visit the Transkei as it provides a unique experience that cannot be found anywhere else in the country.

Umtata is the main city of the Transkei, but popular tourist destinations include Port St John’s and Coffee Bay. Here, in this undeveloped part of South Africa, locals go about their daily lives calm and peaceful, many still depending on horses and other non-motorized forms of transport. The roads are a little neglected and it is advised that visitors travel with someone who is familiar with the area.

Small bed and breakfast establishments and backpacker lodges provide visitors with accommodation, but it is not the accommodation that attracts visitors, it is the beautiful beaches, tropical atmosphere and activities such as canoeing and surfing that take the spotlight. It is also a region that is known for its spectacular forests and wonderful wildlife, so hiking enthusiasts will feel at home here. Visitors who are trying to escape the rat race should consider touring the Transkei, as it guarantees relaxation and tranquility.

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