Coffee Bay – A Coastal Village Escape

Arguably one of the most beautiful spots along the Wild Coast, the small village of Coffee Bay, South Africa, is a definite must-see. Filled with rustic hotels, lodges and bars all within walking distance of each other, this small little town has unbeatable ambience. The beautiful beaches make for the perfect place to enjoy a variety of activities while the coastal forest and shrubbery invites you to explore it. With an ever-changing variety of families, backpackers, campers, tourists and students wafting through the town, you will never find your stay here boring or sedentary. There is always someone new to meet or something else to do.

This legendary little Wild Coast village got its name in 1893 when a ship full of coffee beans ran aground here. Though some of the beans did take root, none survived in the salty soil. Still, the legend of the shipwreck was enough to leave its mark on the bay for centuries to come and today the bay is still named after the event. Instead of searching for coffee beans and shipwrecks, it would be much more advisable if you were to head off on one of the many great hiking trails that surround the village. Or, you might want to explore the spectacular ‘Hole in the Wall’ – a huge hole that has been scored neatly into a cliff which juts out into the sea. This massive hole is difficult to climb though many have attempted to do so. The amplified noise of the waves which crash into the hole and onto the rock outside inspired the Xhosa people to call it ‘esiKhaleni’ which means place of sound. Whether you are trying to climb it or simply enjoying this natural wonder, you simply have to visit the Hole in the Wall whilst in Coffee Bay.

Perhaps one of the best features of Coffee Bay is the relaxed atmosphere which pervades the place. Here there is no such thing as ‘smart casual’ – comfortable beachwear is the order of the day and night. Meals are often taken outdoors and open-air lounges are a popular feature in most hotels and lodges. During the day visitors can choose between hiking, fishing, swimming, sunbathing, surfing, spear fishing, shell collecting, scuba diving, horse riding and golf. Coffee Bay is easily reached by tarred road from the N2. The trip to the village is also picturesque and adds further allure to the experience. So visit Coffee Bay and discover this delightful little corner of South Africa for yourself.

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