Ladybrand – Charming and Hospitable

Walking through the charming town of Ladybrand, in the Free State Province, it is hard to believe that war of any kind could have taken place in this picturesque destination near Lesotho. Named after the mother of the then president of the Free State, President Brand, the town was established in 1867, and has remained a breathtaking agricultural region, with the spectacular Maluti Mountains as the backdrop to this peaceful community.

Ladybrand has many historical buildings scattered throughout, which are reminders to first conflicts between the boer and the Basotho tribes, and later the British in the Anglo-Boer War. Hiking enthusiasts will be able to explore the wonders of the Free State, the Eastern Cape and the Drakensberg, with the Maloti Drakensberg Route. Those not fit enough to complete long distance hikes, can go out on daily excursions and discover the animal life surrounding Ladybrand, as well as some of its past in fossilized remains and creative San rock art.

Quaint restaurants and establishments ensure that visitors are able to enjoy a great menu, good service and fine accommodation. Locals are extremely friendly and welcome guests to share in the beauty of their town and surrounding area.

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