Memel – Beautiful Nature’s Paradise

The beautiful town of Memel is located in the Free State Province of South Africa and was established in 1911, following the Anglo-Boer War conflict. Surrounded by wetlands, Memel is a nature lover's paradise. Even though Memel has been almost forgotten for many years, it is starting to grow in popularity and as people escape the city to build peaceful new lives in this picturesque town.

The Seekoeivlei Nature Reserve is located around the city, and in earlier years the wetlands were being starved of water due to farmers building drainage canals for agricultural land. This has now almost been rectified, with rehabilitation programs being put into place in the 1990’s, allowing more than 250 bird species to return to their home, and reintroducing hippopotamus to the wetlands. Bird watching enthusiasts therefore descend on the town in their hundreds to explore the wetlands and enjoy the thrill of seeing some of the most beautiful birds that South Africa has to offer.

Visitors will be astounded by the number of activities that are available in Memel, and are recommended to try some of the adventurous attractions such as 4×4 routes and horse riding, mountain biking through the nature trails, fishing or hiking. Memel a natural jewel in South Africa, and visitors will find tranquility, wildlife and excitement in this magnificent destination.

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