The quaint town of Philippolis is the very first settlement that was established in the Free State, and still holds onto the principles and small town atmosphere that the town has been used to since 1822.

Comfortable accommodation is available in town, and visitors will find Philippolis to be a unique destination, with much to discover and memorable moments around every corner. There are a number of historical attractions which include the Old Jail, Powder House, Laurens van der Post Memorial Centre, the Transgariep Museum, the cemetery and the Emily Hobhouse Memorial. Another fascinating site is a hill that overlooks the town and is home to two working naval cannons that were given to a Griqua chief in the 1840’s. The cannons are put into action annually during the Witblits Festival.

Philippolis is also known for its exceptional bird watching opportunities, yearly horse show and for the rare chance to encounter tigers with the Tiger Experience at John Varty’s Tiger Canyons. Hiking trails, which can also be explored by mountain bike, bring visitors closer to nature and the spectacular wildlife that is in the region. Philippolis is a wonderful destination that is just being discovered by tourists and is guaranteed to be an unforgettable experience.

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