Gauteng – Bustling Province with major Cities Johannesburg and Pretoria

The Gauteng Province in South Africa is alive with opportunity. With major cities such as Johannesburg and Pretoria at the centre of this region, the province overflows with industries and businesses that contribute on a large scale to the economy of South Africa. Gauteng might be known as an economic and political center, but it has an endless supply of tourist attractions and historical landmarks. Gauteng is an exciting province to explore, as it has a wonderful combination of manmade marvels and natural wonders for visitors to enjoy.

Museums, nature reserves and monuments take visitors on a magnificent journey of discovery during the day, while top class restaurants, theaters and nightlife will ensure that tourists are entertained throughout the evenings. Visitors are recommended to visit attractions such as Monte Casino, Santarama Miniland, the Johannesburg Planetarium, the Transvaal Museum, Pioneer Museum, Union Buildings and the Pretoria Botanical Gardens. Sporting enthusiasts will also find Gauteng to be a province that is serious about sport, offering activities such as golf, hiking, biking, 4×4 trails, horse riding and water sports.

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