The Climate of Gauteng Province

The Gauteng climate is mostly consistent, with Pretoria typically two degrees warmer than Johannesburg. Gauteng does offer the perfect climate conditions with summer being warm and wind free, and winters although chilly and very cold at night, have clear skies during the day.

The mild climate in Johannesburg is never humid and is never uncomfortably hot either. Summer months average a minimum temperature of 17 degrees and a maximum of approximately 28. Only mid winter, the months of July and August, have the coldest weather. Winter days have been known to reach temperatures of 25 degrees but generally the winter months averages a low of 5 degrees and a maximum of 19 degrees. Pretoria experiences the same weather conditions as Johannesburg, but is the known rainfall region. Both Johannesburg and Pretoria experience summer thunderstorms in the late afternoon. These thunderstorms are accompanied by thunder and lightning, but are very brief. Hail is usually experienced during these thundershowers and snow is almost never found within this area. Summer in this region runs from October to March.

Due to the favorable Gauteng climate, many world class golf courses are located in this area, as the clear wind free skies guarantees a perfect round of golf. Gentle breezes over the landscape make adventures such a hot air balloon tour over Magaliesburg Mountains and relating area possible. Summer days spent touring the historical monuments, picnics in park and a day at Hartebeespoort Dam, are all possible because of the perfect weather. Late night festivities, a quiet glass of wine on a balcony or an evening spent barbequing outside with friends, are all activities that are enjoyed under starlit skies. Live concerts and markets all enjoy the warm climate provided by the Gauteng area.

Any adventurous holiday in the cities or on one of the game reserves in the surrounding areas, will be enhanced by the moderate climate. To plan a get away with guaranteed good weather is always a joy, and insures that you always know what to pack, according to the season. So remember to pack your sunscreen, hat and a jacket, and get underway to enjoying a spectacular tour of the Gauteng province.

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