Heidelberg – Cultural Gem and home to Suikerbosrand Nature Reserve

In 1862, HJ Uekermann started up a small trading post on a farm by the name of Langlaagte. With its magnificently beautiful surroundings and the opportunity to create a community and life many had dreamt of, it wasn’t long before hundreds of people moved to Heidelberg and began to build a town that stands as a monument to these efforts today.

In regard to attractions, Heidelberg should not be judged on its size, as there are historical landmarks and architecture to be discovered throughout the town. Visitors will be able to explore a variety of fascinating attractions such as the Diepkloof Farm Museum, the Concentration Camp Cemetery, the old Jail and the Heidelberg Transport Museum, which showcases an extensive collection of rare vehicles. For nature and wildlife enthusiasts, the Suikerbosrand Nature Reserve is the perfect excursion as it offers hiking trails, picnic and caravan facilities, and is filled with a variety of animals, birds and plants for visitors to discover.

Heidelberg is a wonderful cultural gem in Gauteng, and a town that has preserved its heritage, so that it can be enjoyed by future generations. A visit to Heidelberg is a peaceful and unique adventure of discovery and beauty. Visitors to South Africa should not miss out on this remarkable town and all it has to offer.

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