Johannesburg – City of Gold

Known affectionately as the City of Gold, Johannesburg has been associated with wealth, opportunity and prosperity since gold was discovered on Langlaagte farm in 1886. It is a city that bustles with life and activity, and is the heart of South Africa in regard to politics, industry and the economy. But there is more to Johannesburg than just the serious side of life, as it is filled with art, entertainment, local celebrities, music and theatre, allowing for opportunities to just sit back and relax.

Visitors to this modern city will find their days filled with fascinating attractions and their nights brimming with activity. Those who wish to explore the history of Johannesburg and South Africa will find attractions such as the James Hall Transport Museum, Newtown Cultural Precinct and the Apartheid Museum worth the visit, while wildlife enthusiasts will enjoy the abundance of reserves that are located just outside the city, or closer attractions such as the Florence Bloom Bird Sanctuary and the Johannesburg Zoo. Indeed, the melting-pot of Johannesburg offers something for everyone.

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