Florence Bloom Bird Sanctuary – Haven in the City

Florence Bloom Bird Sanctuary is situated inside the grounds of Delta Park, in Johannesburg. The Delta Environmental Centre was approached by the Florence Bloom Bird Sanctuary founder, Norman Bloom, 25 years ago, in regard to opening the park, from which the Centre got its beginnings.

The Centre is currently working towards returning the bird sanctuary
it former glory, as the Delta Park is an important Johannesburg
attraction. Its spectacularl open grounds are
occupied by many animals and birds, and it offers the Johannesburg resident
an oasis of nature for time-out from their busy lives.

Trying to restore the Florence Bloom Bird Sanctuary is a huge undertaking, as in the history of the park management they
that indigenous trees would not grow on the grounds. This has left the
Florence Bloom Bird Sanctuary with mostly exotic plants. A minor
change in
vegetation has a massive impact on the bird life, as Kikuyu lawns have
created a living environment for Crowned and Walled Plovers, but has
chased away the cisticolas and prinias. By planting indigenous
the park has already seen a growth in the Grey Louirie and Rameron
who regularly visit to feed off the fruits that these trees bear.

The Florence Bloom Bird Sanctuary is not only home to a staggering
of bird life, as you can also encounter other mammals and reptiles
about their daily business. Over a hundred different bird species,
House Sparrows, Cape Weavers, Puffbacks, Grass Owls, African Hawk
Eagle, to
name a few, can be viewed in the Florence Bloom Bird Sanctuary. Mammals
such as hedgehogs, striped mice and even a slender mongoose can be
foraging around the park. As mentioned, reptiles also make up part of
parks ecological system, and therefore, do not be surprised if you
across a brown house snake or a marsh terrapin.

Delta Park and the Florence Bloom Bird Sanctuary is well worth
and protecting, and all you need to do to appreciate this, is half an hour
listening to the birds around you, the rustle in the trees, and to have
sunlight warm your face through the branches of the trees, while
geese gracefully glide by on undisturbed waters.

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