Stretching from the north of Pretoria in the Gauteng Province into the North West Province, Magaliesberg is an area of great beauty and diversity, with a human history dating back at least two million years and a geological history going back even further. With Magaliesberg being within a couple of hours drive from both Johannesburg and Pretoria, this picturesque region is a popular retreat from city life.

An excellent way to explore Magaliesberg is by means of the Magalies Meander which truly has something for everyone. There are a number of nature reserves and animal sanctuaries in Magaliesberg which allow visitors to get up close to some of Africa’s most magnificent creatures and nature lovers and birding enthusiasts will appreciate the diversity of the Magaliesberg flora and fauna which includes more than 400 bird species.

Adventure seekers can enjoy a bird’s eye view of the surroundings from a hot air balloon or as a passenger in a glider or microlight, while those preferring terra firma can enjoy horse riding and quad or mountain biking trails that wind their way through some breath-taking terrain. A canopy tour through the Ysterhout kloof has adventurers skimming their way along ten slides, suspended at an average of thirty meters above the streams and rocks below.

Art and craft studios along the Magalies Meander showcase the incredible talent of local art and crafters and leisure resorts offering swimming, hiking, biking, fishing, picnic spots and more are plentiful in Magaliesberg. So, take your time to explore Magaliesberg, it will be well worth while.

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