Monte Casino – Entertainment Paradise

Monte Casino in Johannesburg was opened in November 2000. Since its opening it has become the most visited attraction in the province, averaging about eight million visitors a year. Being the most popular entertainment attraction has been affirmed by the venue receiving readers choice awards, including Best Entertainment Complex, Best Cinema Complex and Best Casino.

The theme of the Casino is old Tuscan, and the architecture is simply magnificent. Inside you can look up at at blue skies, and peep into the
windows and lives of the permanent residents. Washing lines overhead, cobblestone streets, and ducks wading underneath the bridges, transport you to a completely
different world and has you spellbound from the moment you enter.

If the architecture and pinpoint detail accuracy does not keep you
entertained, there are 20 restaurants, a fifteen screen cinema complex,
retailers, children’s entertainment center, theatre, skate park, Monte Casino
Gardens and of course, the spectacular casino. Monte Casino is also
host to
the South African leg of the Duke of Edinburgh Cup Golf Tournament.
tournament has raised more than 6.2 million rand for the selected

The Monte Casino Bird Gardens, houses a collection of over 142
Cycads species, the biggest in the world, and in total, over 1 000
small animals and birds. All the animals are housed in their natural
surroundings, and the walk through aviary, is the largest exhibit in
of its kind. The Monte Casino Bird Gardens also has a free flight bird
show that is guaranteed to thrill spectators.

You can rub shoulders with the rich and famous in the Monte Casino
Paparazzi Room, or take a chance in the 8500 square meter casino. With
plenty of big jackpots just waiting to be won, 70 gaming tables and
gaming machines, you will be relieved to know that the casino operates
hours and has highly trained staff to ensure that you enjoy your gaming

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