Nelson Mandela Square

The Nelson Mandela Square lies in the heart of Sandton, a suburb of Johannesburg, and Gauteng's prime business and financial centre. This shopping, office and entertainment complex features an open square dominated by a larger than life bronze statue of Nelson Mandela. The statue, which stands at 6 meters tall and weighs 2.5 tons, was created by local sculptors Jacob Maponyane and Kobus Hattingh to honor the much-loved South African statesman who has come to represent the concept of political freedom, not only in South Africa, but all over the world.

The Nelson Mandela Square regularly presents entertainment for the benefit of visitors to the center, including live classical and instrumental music to soothe the lunch-time crowd taking a break from their busy day. Sunday afternoon’s Rhythms on the Square presents performances by a variety of talented musicians, covering a range of genres, enhancing the laid back atmosphere in which people can relax and enjoy a meal or drinks at one of the restaurants. The square also hosts numerous exclusive events, including promotions, fashion shows, car exhibitions and corporate launches.

Boasting 93 exclusive shops, together with restaurants, sidewalk cafés and a theater, the Nelson Mandela Square is the ideal place to visit, and with a pedestrian mall bridge allowing easy access to the Sandton City Shopping Complex, you can quite literally shop-till-you-drop. Surrounded by world class hotels, the Nelson Mandela Square is popular with foreign tourists, many of whom are mixing business with pleasure when they visit Sandton, and it is quite likely that the majority of these overseas visitors go home with a picture of themselves standing alongside the statue of Nelson Mandela.

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