Vanderbijlpark – Leading Industrial City

Vanderbijlpark is mostly known as one of the leading industrial areas of South Africa, and many people do not realize that there is more to the city than just steel companies. Even though it has its humble beginnings, and therefore a rich history, due to the steel industry, it has developed into a sprawling city, with a population of over two hundred thousand residents and fascinating attractions for local and international visitors to enjoy.

In 1920, Prime Minister Jan Smuts, requested that Dr. HJ van der Bijl return from the United States, to assist the South African government in developing the country’s industrial sector. Van der Bijl was at the helm of the rise of the Iron and Steel Corporations, later referred to as ISCOR, with the first plant being opened in 1934. As the demand for steel grew, a larger area to house the various plants was needed, and so Vanderbijlpark was established.

These massive plants are a site to behold, but visitors will find a world of entertainment and excitement that seeps through the cracks of the serious industrial city. The Emfuleni Golf Course offers avid sportsmen a chance to relax on its immaculate greens, while the Vaal Mall has something for everyone. The Loch Vaal is a popular attraction for locals as it has wonderful facilities, watersport opportunities and is a working watersystem. At the Emerald Casino Resort, visitors will find fun around every corner, including Vaal river cruises and the annual Vaal Homemakers Expo is an event that should not be missed. Visit Vanderbijlpark and discover beauty, industry and excitement, all in one city.

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