KwaZulu Natal Province – Green Landscapes and Coastal Metropolis

When Portuguese explorer Vasco da Gama first set eyes on the verdant shores of KwaZulu Natal on 25 December 1497, he named his new discovery “Natal”, being the Portuguese word for Christmas. Since those early days of discovery, KwaZulu Natal has seen its fair share of historical triumphs and tragedies, but it has also seen tremendous growth and development.

KwaZulu Natal consists of three rather distinct geographical areas – the lowland Indian Ocean coastal region, the central Natal Midlands and the mountainous areas of the Drakensberg and Lebombo Mountains. These geographical regions, each with its own unique beauty, offer visitors a world of diversity in one province.

The long stretch of KwaZulu Natal coastline is split at Durban into the North Coast and South Coast, each of which is punctuated with a multitude of small towns and settlements offering a wide variety of tourism facilities and activities. The KZN coastline is a prime holiday destination with both domestic and international tourists who flock to the warm waters and sandy beaches of this beautiful province of South Africa. The city of Durban is vibrant and buzzing with activity all year round, but especially in holiday seasons when all the “up-country” South Africans migrate to “Durbs” for some fun in the sun.

The Natal Midlands is historically, culturally and geographically rich. Take time to explore the Midlands Meander and discover the true beauty of this region and the people who call it home. The majestic Drakensberg Mountains offer outdoor enthusiasts a number of challenging activities, while there are many drive-to lookout points that open up vistas of breath-taking beauty.

Nature lovers will appreciate the many parks and reserves in KwaZulu Natal, including the Hluhluwe-Umfolozi Game Reserve, St Lucia, Mkuzi Game Reserve, Ndumo Elephant Park, Tembe Elephant Park and Itala Game Reserve. Certainly, KwaZulu Natal is a province to linger over and enjoy at leisure.

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