Drakensberg South Africa – Stunning Mountain Range in South Africa

The main Drakensberg Range falls within the Natal Drakensberg Park. This section of the Drakensberg (or Mountains of the Dragon) forms a semicircle along the western boundary of the province. Mountain peaks and pinnacles rise about 1500 meters above the surrounding countryside. Within this region there are numerous resorts, guest houses and hotels to cater for visitors who come to relax, catch trout, hike, climb mountains, go horse riding, play sport or swim in the invigorating crisp atmosphere of the mountain splendor.

The most northerly peak in this section is Cathedral Peak with a height of 3004 meters. There are
numerous foot paths and trails with views of beautiful streams, waterfalls and breathtaking
panoramas, as well as caves with beautifully preserved Bushman paintings. Hotels in the area
offer splendid accommodation with all facilities.

Further South is the well known Cathkin Peak, standing as if detached from the main range of
mountains, and to the south Champagne Castle one of the highest peaks in the Drakensberg Range.

The Sterkspruit River has its source in this area, where there are a number of very good
establishments for accommodation.

Southward along the range at the source of the Bushmans and Mooi Rivers is the renowned
Giants Castle – a dominant wall of basalt with two main peaks. The Giants Castle Nature
Reserve of 34284 hectares is home to a variety of animals and birds including the Mountain
Eland and the rare Lammergeyer Vulture.

Within one of the caves is a realistic site-museum displaying life size Bushmen and their
way of life. Along the mountains to the south are the game and nature reserves of Loteni –
where there is an interesting museum depicting the life of the early settlers. Vergelegen
and Kamberg reserves offer excellent trout fishing and hutted camps.

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