Drakensberg Boys’ Choir School – Internationally Renowned

The world renowned Drakensberg Boys' Choir School, located in the Central Drakensberg, has always had the goal of preparing boys for life by means of excellence in music, academics and sports as well as social enrichment. Benefiting boys between the ages of 9 and 15, the Choir School accepts talented children from all cultural backgrounds. Performing every Wednesday, it is a real treat to visit the Drakensberg Boys' Choir whilst vacationing in the area.

The Drakensberg Boys’ Choir was officially opened on 23 January 1967, to 20 eager pupils selected by means of auditions throughout South Africa. Originally just a vision in the mind of John Tungay, the school quickly grew to just over 100, accepting boys of 9 to 15 years in Grade 4 through 9. The Choir School is ideally located in the Champagne Valley so as to make the best use of the acoustics. Through the years the Drakensberg Boys’ Choir School had to overcome many challenges such as the costs necessary to manage such a specialized school in a relatively isolated location. However, it has met with great success.

Within a few years of its establishment, the Drakensberg Boys’ Choir began touring the world, visiting countries such as the United States, Canada, all of Africa, most of Europe, Japan and Taiwan. All along the way the choir has received critical acclaim and approval.

The School itself has remained somewhat dated in appearance. In 1995 a brand new Auditorium was constructed with a capacity for 600 individuals as well as excellent sound and lighting equipment. This has assisted the Choir School in becoming even more effective. Through the year, its Wednesday Concerts and festivals are practically booked out with both local and international tourists.

The Drakensberg Boys’ Choir School certainly enjoys great inspiration from its spectacular surroundings in the Central Drakensberg. The amazing sound of the choir boys singing can often be heard echoing across the landscape. A truly unique choir representative of South Africa’s diverse culture, they have frequently set international trends in the industry. Performances include the sounds of classical composers such as Beethoven to the more contemporary Freddy Mercury and Jazz as well as the traditional with African music and Folk songs. The Drakensberg Boys’ Choir is definitely deserving of its international reputation and you don’t want to miss their Wednesday Concert when touring the magnificent Drakensberg.

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