The Spectacular Oribi Gorge Nature Reserve

Probably one of the most scenic and beautiful areas in KwaZulu Natal, is the Oribi Gorge Nature Reserve. Located near Margate and just inland from Port Sheptone, this Natal jewel is a perfect getaway, for a day trip or to enjoy a longer nature-inspired holiday.

There are self guided tours and walks, obtainable from the Camp
that will lead you to the most breathtaking areas around the park. The
Umzimkulwana River, that runs trough the Oribi Gorge,
surrounded by a landscape that few photography enthusiasts will want to
out on. The tranquility and peaceful atmosphere that the Oribi Gorge
Nature Reserve radiates is unmatched. With so many picnic areas along
river, a swim in the river might seem irresistible, but travelers are
advised to restrict their swimming to the reservoir pool at camp, as
river poses the potential bilharzia risk to you.

Amongst the incredible wildlife such as oribi, reedbuck, blue and
duikers, and bushbuck, the ever elusive leopard is also found on the
Gorge Nature Reserve grounds. This secretive and shy animal has been
by fortunate game viewers in the past, and if you have been one of the
select few to view this beautiful animal, you can most certainly
yourself lucky. Bird watchers will also find their efforts rewarded,
as the
Oribi Gorge is home to 250 species.

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