Salt Rock – Holiday Atmosphere and Beautiful Beaches

South Africa’s KwaZulu Natal North Coast attracts visitors all year round from all over South Africa and internationally to enjoy its mild climate, sandy beaches, warm waters and laid-back lifestyle. One of the North Coast gems that should not be overlooked is the little village of Salt Rock. Located just a thirty-minute drive from the vibrant city of Durban, Salt Rock offers families a true holiday atmosphere and beautiful beaches, complete with tidal pools and life-guards on duty.

The name Salt Rock goes right back to the time of the legendary Zulu King Shaka. He was considered by many to have been the most influential leader in the history of the Zulu Empire – although controversy continues among historians as to the basis for reaching this conclusion. It was the custom of the young Zulu women from King Shaka’s household to gather dried salt from the rocks along the shore, which was then either used to trade with, or was used within the household – and hence the name Salt Rock.

The North Coast is also known as the Dolphin Coast for the frequent sightings of these gregarious sea mammals and Salt Rock has viewing points for visitors to spot them frolicking in the waves. An attraction in Salt Rock that will keep the little ones happy is the Flag Farm Animal Farm. Here children can take a ride in a pony-drawn cart, or on a tractor trailer, as well as enjoying an on-hands experience with farm animals including rabbits, pigs, sheep and goats, while the parents try out some home-made fare at the tea garden.

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