Banana Express – Adventure Trip

The Banana Express has been closed since 2007

One of the top attractions on the Kwazulu Natal South Coast is the Banana Express. Offering sight-seers the opportunity to experience a ride on a steam train, the Banana Express is a fantastic way to explore this region of South Africa.

The South Coast Banana Express is a narrow gauge steam train. It makes a journey through remarkable landscape, departing from Port Shepstone. Eager passengers can be seen staring out the windows of the Banana Express as it carries them past verdant sugar cane fields, green banana plantations, up hills and down valleys. Along the way you are likely to spot charming rural Zulu villages and friendly children waving at you. The Banana Express offers three options. The first is the shortest, a two-hour trip to Izotsha and back with a break at Zkhele Handicraft and Training Center. At this center you can purchase goods made by disabled women. The next option is the six-hour journey to Paddock, breaking at both Zakhele and at the Paddock Station Museum. The third option is a journey to the stunning Oribi Gorge. A Mini-bus collects you from the train station at Paddock and drives you along a scenic route to Oribi Gorge Nature Reserve.

The Banana Express is no longer in operation.

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