Makhado – Enjoy Nature and the Friendly Atmosphere

There has been some controversy regarding the name of the town of Makhado, formerly known as Louis Trichardt, but whatever you choose to call it there is no denying that this delightful town in the Limpopo Province of South Africa has plenty to offer visitors. Lying at the foot of the Soutpansberg Mountain Range and surrounded by fertile farming area, Makhado with its tree-lined avenues and friendly atmosphere, is the perfect base for exploring the Soutpansberg region.

As is the case with many South African towns, Makhado started off as a Voortrekker settlement, being named after the leader of the group of trekkers who settled there. Although Louis Trichardt and his group later moved on toward Mozambique in search of fellow trekker Hans van Rensburg, the town retained his name and was officially founded in February 1899.

There are a number of scenic drives that highlight the beauty of the Makhado area, as well as its historical and cultural heritage. These include the Bluegumspoort Meander along the summit of the western section of the Soutpansberg, opening up a spectacular view over the plateau and including the Schoemansdal Environmental Education Center and picnic site; the Historical Meander which, as its name suggests, focuses on the history of the area; the Witflag Meander through tropical orchards and forestry plantations; and the breath-taking Soutpansberg Meander. Other places of interest to visit include the Schoemansdal Museum, the Memorial Gardens, the Langjan Nature Reserve and the Ben Lavin Nature Reserve – so take your time to enjoy Makhado.

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