Modimolle – Picturesque Waterberg Region

Located near the southern edge of the Waterberg Massif in the Limpopo Province of South Africa, the town of Modimolle (formerly known as Nylstroom) serves as the commercial and tourism center of the picturesque Waterberg Region. The bushveld terrain of Modimolle is characterized by well-grassed plains with scattered clusters of trees and shrubs, making it perfect for game viewing. Visitors to the many game farms in the area can expect to see white rhino, black rhino, giraffe, kudu, impala, Blue Wildebeest, bush pigs and a variety of other antelope and game. The birdlife in the area is plentiful and birding enthusiasts will not be disappointed.

Visitors to Modimolle will want to set some time aside to explore the Waterberg Massif which is the first region in the northern reaches of South Africa to be named by UNESCO as a Biosphere Reserve. The fascinating rock formations within the Waterberg Biosphere have been shaped by the fast flowing river’s eroding effect over millions of years. It is within this area that archaeologists have found artifacts dating to the Stone Age, as well as discoveries which evolutionists believe relate to the very origin of humans.

The story of the origin of the former name of the town, Nylstroom, is rather an interesting one. In 1886 a group of pioneering travelers calling themselves the Jerusalemgangers (Jerusalem Travelers) were pushing their way north with the goal of reaching the Holy Land. They came across a vigorously flowing river which they concluded was the Nile. The nearby pyramid shaped hill further convinced them that they had reached Egypt and they set down roots, establish a settlement that went on to become the town of Nylstroom (Nile River). The town has been renamed in honor of the nearby Modimolle hill which locals regard as being holy.

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