Mokopane – Farming Area and Natural Beauty

The town of Mokopane, located just off the N1 highway in the Limpopo Province of South Africa, is surrounded by fertile farming area where tobacco, cotton, wheat, maize, citrus and peanuts are cultivated. The area is also rich in local culture, history and natural beauty, with its typical bushveld terrain, dotted with aloes and acacia trees, providing ideal living conditions for a wide range of wildlife. Mokopane (previously known as Potgietersrus) is about a two-hour drive from major cities in Gauteng Province making it a popular weekend getaway, and is a stop-over point for travelers on their way to the Kruger National Park, Botswana and Zimbabwe.

The Makapansgat Caves, situated about fifteen kilometers north of Mokopane, has been the site of significant archaeological discoveries, with fossils believed to be more than three million years old being uncovered here. Many of these fossils are on display at the Arend Dieperink Museum, which also exhibits items relating to the history of the town, including an interesting collection of old farming equipment highlighting how farming methods have changed over the years, as well as memorabilia relating to the Anglo Boer War and more recent times. A visit to this museum will provide insight into the life and times of this charming town in Limpopo.

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