Mokopane Attractions – Many Things to See and Do

Mokopane, or Potgietersrus as it was formerly known, is the location of one of the largest citrus farms in the Southern Hemisphere, namely Zebediela Citrus Estate, and is a rich agricultural area, producing tobacco, cotton, maize, beef, wheat, citrus and peanuts. The Zebediela Citrus Plantation was owned by the Lebowa homeland government, and ran the citrus plantation, for 85 years, as a commercial citrus estate. Due to the enactment of the Native Land Act of 1913, the Bjatladi community lost their rights to the 13 785 hectare of land. In 2003, the land was handed back to the original owners, giving 331 families back their ancestral home. The community and farmers now lease the land, to continue the citrus production, from the Bjatladi community.

When visiting this amazing agricultural area, it is also important
learn about a town’s history, no matter how tragic or flawed it may be.
A stay in the Orinoco Hotel, will place you right in the heart of its
history, as the Orinoco Hotel is the oldest establishment in Mokopane. It was
established in 1958 to accommodate Zimbabweans and travelers from
en route to South Africa. Its service is of a high standard and the hotel prides
itself on maintaining a clean establishment at all times. The South African
Council graded the Orinoco Hotel with two stars. The Orinoco Hotel is
located in the central business area of Mokopane, which enables
to plan their day conveniently, as they are close to most attractions.
Meals are served at the 19TOET Restaurant, which is nostalgically
with antique décor.

And if your day has gotten the better of you, or you are simply
home, and need to drown a few sorrows, the Parrots Sports Bar is the
to go. With a lively, party atmosphere, it is guaranteed to make you
why you were upset in the first place. Parrots Sports Bar was the
first bar
to serve Peroni in the Limpopo Province, and won the Castle Draught
Competition, not once, but four times in a row. Often revered to as
Blue Bulls Bar, they won’t take offence if soccer supporters walk over
the Badges and Brochures Bar, which is the local soccer watering

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