Thabazimbi – An Authentic African Bushveld Adventure

Located in the Limpopo Province of South Africa, the town of Thabazimbi lies at the foot of the Ysterberg mountains, surrounded by rugged bushveld terrain which supports large numbers of a wide variety of wildlife. With the busy city of Pretoria a mere 190 kilometers southeast of Thabazimbi, it is a popular weekend getaway for work-weary city dwellers and there are plenty of game farms, bush lodges and self-catering establishments offering accommodation ranging from luxury to basic, all set in surroundings that bring the beauty of nature right to your doorstep.

The climate in Thabazimbi is very hot in summer, with the winter months featuring mild days and chilly nights. These weather conditions, along with the bushveld terrain of grasslands, scattered with shrubby vegetation and small rocky hills, are favorable for game viewing and for game hunting, an activity which is very popular in Thabazimbi. In fact, Thabazimbi is often referred to as the “Hunting Mecca” of South Africa, attracting both local and international hunters to the many well-stocked game farms in the area. With the focus on the amazing variety of African wildlife, Thabazimbi gives visitors an authentic African bushveld experience that is hard to beat and is impossible to forget.

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