Vaalwater – San Rock Art and the Mokolo Dam

The Mokolo River in South Africa’s Limpopo Province is home to a quaint little town with the name of Vaalwater. Mostly used as a destination to pass through on the way to the neighboring country of Botswana or to the Waterberg Massif, Vaalwater has become more than just a stopover that has banks, fuel and a post office; it has developed into a tourist destination. As visitors began to discover the beauty and numerous attractions in and around Vaalwater, a small tourism industry started to flourish.

The Waterberg Massif has been named a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO, because of the biodiversity of its biosphere and the variety of large mammals, such as White Rhino and Giraffe that call this region their home. Many visitors stay in Vaalwater to explore this magnificent reserve, and with the growing numbers of guests; restaurants, craft stores and cafés sprung up to accommodate visitors.

Other activities and attractions in town and nearby, include geological sites featuring San rock art, the Mokolo Dam and Nature Reserve, mountain bike trails, hiking, boat cruises, bird watching, The Rhino Museum, the Waterberg Cultural Museum and the Church of St John the Baptist. Vaalwater might be off the beaten tourism path, but it is a worthwhile destination to explore.

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