Badplaas – Hot Springs

Situated in the wide open spaces of the grasslands region of the Mpumalanga Province of South Africa, the little town of Badplaas is most likely best known for its hot springs which bubble up from underground at the foot of a range of hills known as Ndlumudlumu, meaning "Place of Much Thunder" in Swazi.

History tells us that the spring and its surrounding area were given to Jacob de Clercq in 1876 by a Swazi chief. We are not told why he was the recipient of this generous gift, but he saw the potential of the area and proceeded to set up a trading store there. The gold rush of the 1880s followed, with fortune seekers flocking to the area. Many of these work-weary gold miners, full of aches and pains brought on by the hard physical labor of mining, would look for relief in the warm waters gushing out of the ground.

Today, people travel from far and wide to enjoy the therapeutic magic of the sulphur-laden hot springs of Badplaas and this has resulted in a thriving tourismindustry. Activities to enjoy in the area include trout fishing, game viewing, golf and hiking, as well as fishing and boating at the nearby Vygeboom Dam. Nearby Mpumalanga towns include Carolina to the west, Barberton to the east, Machadodorp to the north and Lochiel to the south.

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