Barberton – Sceninc Surroundings and Natural Wonders

Situated in the beautiful De Kaap Valley, Barberton is renowned for its scenic surroundings and rich gold mining history. Brightening the already remarkable landscape is the famous crimson hue of the Barberton Daisy. There is little doubt that tourists will find themselves enthralled by the splendor of this historic city.

The Barberton Heritage Walk guides tourists to the town’s top attractions, including the Local History Museum, the Blockhouse, Fernlea House, Rimer’s Creek, the Anglican Church, De Kaap Stock Exchange, the Market Square and the statue of Jock of the Bushveld. The natural features of the area lend themselves to hiking, and there are several delightful routes for trekking enthusiasts to make use of. Other exciting activities include horse riding, quadbiking, bird watching, golf, microlighting and more. Also not to be missed is the Songimvelo Nature Reserve. Indeed, from its history in mining to its natural wonders, Barberton is the ideal getaway.

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