Bethal – Agricultural Tours and Historic Attractions

The land on which Bethal was established in 1880 belonged to two farmers. A name for the newly established town was derived from the names of the wives of the farmers, namely Elizabeth and Alida. It is a town that was developed on the back of agriculture and when driving through the surrounding farmlands of this quaint Mpumalanga town, cattle dot the horizon and bright yellow blankets of sunflowers still decorate the landscape today.

Agricultural tours allow visitors access to farms, such as the Rusticana Holstein Dairy Farm, where you can get a rare glimpse into the daily lives of farmers. Additional tours to the mines in Bethal are also available, which opens the door of discovery in regard to the gold and coal that is mined here. Friendly locals, a historic atmosphere and attractions, such as the Bethal Museum, reveal the colorful past of this town and the many wonders that await adventurous visitors.

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