Ermelo – Historical Attractions and Plenty Tourist Activities

The extensive pine plantations, endless rows of cedars, acorn trees and wattles, and rolling green landscapes make it easy to see why Ermelo is known as the garden town of the Mpumalanga Province. The many dams and small freshwater lakes that once attracted the first settlers to this area now provide the extensive agricultural projects of Ermelo with water and venues for water sports activities. Mining is also a large industry in the town, with torbanite, coal and anthracite being extracted here.

Ermelo is home to many historical attractions, such as the Paul Kruger Bridge that was constructed in 1897 and the Anglo-Boer War Memorial which pays tribute to the brave men who lost their lives during this time. Caves and shelters in the surrounding areas are filled with San rock art waiting to be admired and at the Le Goya Village, visitors can view the ruins of a settlement that dates back to approximately 1400. Ermelo is a town that should not be underestimated as it offers beauty, relaxation and exciting activities to tourists and visitors.

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