Located at the base of the Long Tom Pass on the banks of the Sterkspruit River in the Mpumalanga Province of South Africa, the charming town of Lydenburg is in the heart of some of the regions most beautiful scenery. Explore the hiking trails in the Gustav Klingbiel Nature Reserve just outside the town, enjoying the typical escarpment flora and fauna along the way. Take a drive along Long Tom Pass, one of South Africa’s highest tarred roads, stopping off at Devil's Knuckles to view a replica of the Long Tom gun used by the Boers against the British during the Anglo-Boer War of 1899-1902, and stop off at various look-out points along the way to marvel at the vistas below.

To the north of Lydenburg is the spectacular waterfall named after the town. Made up of three separate waterfalls cascading into one another, the Lydenburg Waterfall is not only beautiful, but useful as well, as it generates hydro electric power. Also north of the town is the historical Steenkamp Bridge, opened in June 1897 and remaining in use until 1965, this bridge played an important role in the Anglo-Boer War and was declared a national monument in 1973.

Lydenburg was founded in 1849 by a group of Dutch Voortrekkers (pioneers) led by Andries Potgieter. This group of intrepid travelers fled from their previous settlement at Ohrigstad after many in their party had been stricken with malaria, and as an indication of what they had been through they named their new settlement Lydenburg, being Dutch for “town of suffering”. Today, Lydenburg welcomes visitors to enjoy its natural beauty, rich history and warm hospitality.

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