Lowveld National Botanical Garden – Stroll Through Nature

The Lowveld National Botanical Garden is beautifully situated amidst stunning rocky scenery. As Nelspruit's top attraction, the Lowveld NBG is a delightful outing for visitors of all ages. Nelspruit itself is a fantastic stop-over when traveling through Mpumalanga and is located nearby other attractions such as Kruger National Park, Blyde River Canyon and Pilgrim's Rest.

This spectacular garden takes in some 159 hectares of landscape, encompassing portions of the Nels and Crocodile Rivers, giving it a character all of its own. The powerful Crocodile river gushes through a rocky gorge to meet up with the Nels River, which cascades down a waterfall in the west, joining together to form a lovely pool before exiting the garden. Within the Lowveld National Botanical Garden of Nelspruit you will discover a vast array of plant species amongst which there are 500 tree species, indigenous ferns and impressive cycads, the garden’s chief draw card. The beautiful garden is divided into sections both thematically and taxonomically. Explore these different areas of the garden: Tropical African Rainforest, South African Forest, Dry Bushveld, Baobabs, Corkwoods and Cabbage Trees, Bulbs, Wild Figs, Cycads and Legumes. Pleasant pathways allow visitors to amble through the natural beauty of the park. Guided tours are also available.

The concept of creating a botanical garden in Nelspruit was born in 1955, when it was decided by the local municipality that such an attraction would promote tourism, conservation and education with regards to Mpumalanga’s grand flora. Years went by with much lobbying and finally two tracts of land were offered for the project. The Lowveld Botanic Garden was founded in 1969. It began with simple clearing of bush so that pathways were created. Since then it has developed into a wonderful natural treasure enjoyed by locals and tourists alike. In 2004 a visitor’s center was established, providing access to new sections of the garden. Inside you will find a lovely restaurant, book shop, art shop, décor shop and an information center. Located within the nucleus of the Lowveld NBC is the Cascades Café. Offering sumptuous treats and excellent coffee, the venue is also frequently used for special occasions and business meetings. Between the months of May and September, visitors can enjoy a lovely program of midday concerts. Enjoy fine performances in spectacular surroundings. The Lowveld National Botanical Garden provides an escape from the hustle and bustle of life, a chance to really get in touch with nature and yourself.

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