Standerton – Historic Town on the Vaal River

The historic town of Standerton is located on the banks of the Vaal River in the Mpumalanga Province of South Africa. The Vaal River and the nearby Grootdraai Dam, the tenth largest dam in South Africa, provide a range of activities for locals and visitors alike, with fishing and boating most likely topping the list. A nine-hole golf course beckons golfers to take some time out, while game farms in the area offer the opportunity to view some of South Africa’s abundant wildlife.

The town was named after Adriaan Hendrik Stander, a Boer leader who owned the farm on which Standerton was established in 1876. Standerton played a role in South African history when, during the Second Boer War, a British garrison was besieged in the town for three months by Boer forces. When Stander died in 1896 he was buried in the town bearing his name.

From small beginnings Standerton has grown into a thriving commercial center, serving a large agricultural community. Accommodation ranges from self-catering guesthouses to guest farms offering a taste of tranquil rural life. In addition to golf and water-sports, activities include horse-riding and guided or non-guided walks designed to make the best of the natural beauty and wildlife of the area. With Pretoria and Johannesburg a mere hour and a half away, Standerton is a great getaway destination for stressed-out city dwellers.

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