Waterval Boven – Some of South Africa’s Best Fly-Fishing Spots

As one of the towns along the picturesque Highlands Meander in what is known as the 'Trout Triangle' of the Mpumalanga Province of South Africa, Waterval Boven offers visitors a host of activities and attractions, including some of South Africa’s best fly-fishing spots. Waterval Boven,meaning 'above the waterfall' in Dutch, is located on the fringe of an escarpment in the Drakensberg Mountains, above the 75 meter high Elands Falls which tumbles into the Elands River, while its sister town, Waterval Onder, 'under the waterfall', lies at the base of the escarpment.

Rock climbing enthusiasts travel from far and wide to tackle the challenge of the 150 traditional and 450 sport rock climbing routes of Waterval Boven and accommodation for the steady flow of daredevil climbers and other holidaymakers is plentiful. Hiking, bird watching, and of course fishing, are other popular activities around Waterval Boven.

There is a very strong historical aspect to Waterval Boven as is evident by historical sites and buildings linked to the Dutch railroad company, NZASM, which established the town as a supply depot while constructing a railway link between Pretoria and Komatipoort in the late 1800s. Also of historical interest is the ZASM tunnel and the five arch bridge which have been declared as national monuments. Oosterlijn Steam Train Safaris have kept the history of the railroad alive by running expertly restored vintage locomotives and carriages to a variety of destinations around Waterval Boven, providing an exciting way for visitors to enjoy this beautiful region of the Mpumalanga Province of South Africa.

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